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Are You In the Right Tribe?

Your tribe doesn’t necessarily consist of the people you’ve known longest. What it really comes down to is that it’s the people with similar values and interests, the people you feel you can be yourself with. These are the things that make it the right tribe for you. You feel comfortable in their company, sharing conversations and embracing similar ideas or interests. We needn’t be limited to one tribe. Our friendship tribe and our hobbies tribe aren’t always made up of the same individuals. It’s the ingredients that are the same.

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Begin With the End in Mind

Ah, January 1st. New Year! Blank slate! Time to set those goals and prepare to crush them! Every year I embrace the possibilities of the year to come. I start a new journal. I lay out my hopes and dreams. I make lists of things I want to do and experience and places I want to go. I vow to eat properly and exercise more. I promise to practice intense self-care. I set intentions to use my gifts to help the world be a bit better because of my contributions.

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A Witchy Tale

I awoke this morning feeling uneasy. I had an afternoon massage booked at the spa and I wanted to cancel it for no apparent reason. An image of my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor floated into my mind. So, without hesitation, I cancelled the massage and called Dr Sun. An hour later, I was in her clinic and on her bed with acupuncture needles travelling energy throughout my bodies.

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Well obviously you are many people, but to all those who know you they will see just one part – the one they know and interact with. But you are so much more than that, and that was so well illustrated when I gave a talk on How to Write Your Life Story a few years ago. A mother and son came to the group and I started by asking them to share something no one would guess about them. With a sideways glance at his mother the son shared that he had smoked dope in college, she laughed and said, ‘you thought I didn’t know?!’

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My Life as a Western

One day, some years back, I awoke from a daydream to realize I was living in a black and white western of my own creation. There were no tumbleweeds or partners named Wyatt and, though I hadn’t managed to magically learn to ride a horse, I was nonetheless in a tale of heroes and villains.

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