Author: Ron Wheatley

CinnaRon’s – The Secret Recipe

Once upon a time in a far away seaside town called Guysborough, Nova Scotia there lived a a new arrival with a problem. A new farmers market was being created and the new arrival wanted to contribute. He didn’t own a garden so it was suggested he would run the coffee stand.

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New Years Here I Come!

The road to self improvement is paved with many of my good intentions. I’ve intended to make good on a litany of my shortcomings for years. Each January I try. I’m very good at trying. Being trying has been singled out as a personality trait of mine.

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My Life as a Western

One day, some years back, I awoke from a daydream to realize I was living in a black and white western of my own creation. There were no tumbleweeds or partners named Wyatt and, though I hadn’t managed to magically learn to ride a horse, I was nonetheless in a tale of heroes and villains.

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What Makes a Gift Perfect?

Is there such a thing as the perfect gift? Yes, Blanche, there is such a thing as the perfect gift. As sure as love, truth, and the prompt arrival of the January VISA statement, the perfect gift does exist. The trick is to recognize it when you see it.

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