Who Do You Think You Are?

Well obviously you are many people, but to all those who know you they will see just one part – the one they know and interact with.

But you are so much more than that, and that was so well illustrated when I gave a talk on How to Write Your Life Story a few years ago. A mother and son came to the group and I started by asking them to share something no one would guess about them. With a sideways glance at his mother the son shared that he had smoked dope in college, she laughed and said, ‘you thought I didn’t know?!’

When her turn came she talked about being born in Holland and how she and her elder brother would go out at night with torches to the field behind their house. She explained that this was World War II and they stood in that field every night in case the Allies came over and needed to drop supplies or propaganda.

Her son’s face was just slack with amazement, and pride. She never talked about it, and he just knew her as Mom, the woman who made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and had a part time job as a book keeper till she retired.
What untold stories do you have?

I am a professional writer and creativity coach and I am passionate about you being able to give the gift of your amazing experience to others through writing your life story. Everyone has stories to tell, so what do your friends and family really know about your life in the time before you met them?

The world is changing so rapidly that your children, or grandchildren, cannot even imagine what your life was like when you were their age with no mobile phones, internet and so much more.

You don’t have to be a writer to write your life story you just have to have lived it.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to others is to tell them our life story and let them hear about all the things we have experienced and learned from. This is your chance to tell your side of the story in a way that is easy, comfortable and entirely at your own pace.

Every day, people just like you are writing their life story.

They are not writers, or academics, just people who have discovered how to make those memories come alive, and I have shared tips and techniques on just to do that.

Have you ever tried to research your family history and got really frustrated because you got the names and the dates, but not the details that are so fascinating? You might have their names, but not the impact they had, or any insight into their lives.
You can’t always get that from your ancestors, as they didn’t leave you that kind of record, but you can leave that story for your descendants. That way future generations will know who you were and all about the life that you lived.

I have taught many people this simple method in workshops and seminars around the world. I have shared the tools you need to first create the structure, then access the database of your life and learn how to really make it relevant and have colour, depth and emotion.

In six easy stages I can show you how to bring out those memories, and make them shine so they illuminate who you really are and what your gifts to the world have been.

What’s Your excuse?

Believe me, I have heard every excuse you can come up with – but if you really want to do it I can help you achieve it. Is your excuse among my all time top 5 favourites? Look below to find out and if you decide you are ready then my 6 simple steps will give all you need to know. How to write your story, plus exercises and tips to keep you on track, motivated and inspired to make a start, and then to keep on going. (Course available soon)


  1. It is too hard – well it certainly is if you were planning on doing it by yourself because with no help and support it can be difficult. That’s why I have devised a structured, simple to follow plan that will guide you through each step. You can be starting on your life story after just a couple of hours – is that easy enough?
  2. I have a terrible memory – well you may have, but you might also have kept a diary or be able to talk to friends and family members to help remind you of past events. It’s true that recalling events isn’t always easy, but I am going to share some great techniques that can help you with that.
  3. My life hasn’t been that interesting – not to you maybe, but do you think in thirty years time the everyday things you do will hold no interest for others? Think how much your life has changed and then think how your daily life is so different from that of your grandparents and how different will be the experience of future generations.
  4. I am not a writer – the good news is that you don’t have to be. You just have to want to document the people, places and things that have been important in your life. Oh, and if you really don’t see yourself as a writer, then you can adapt the techniques I will also show you to create a unique story in many different ways.
  5. I don’t know where to start – I know it can seem overwhelming, and that is one of the secrets to the success of my simple 6 step programme. I make it easy for you to start, and keep going, in ways that seem natural and also inspire you to tell your story.
    So how did you do? One excuse, or a combination of several? How many doesn’t matter, but I promise that once you start you won’t look back. end