A Witchy Tale


I awoke this morning feeling uneasy. I had an afternoon massage booked at the spa and I wanted to cancel it for no apparent reason. An image of my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor floated into my mind. So, without hesitation, I cancelled the massage and called Dr Sun. An hour later, I was in her clinic and on her bed with acupuncture needles travelling energy throughout my bodies.

During my session, the lights went out three times. Each time, the electricity was restored in a couple of minutes. In the pitch-black of the clinic — in the middle of the day — I felt serenely still. Whatever had troubled me upon waking was dissipating.

When I stepped outside Dr Sun’s office following my acupuncture session, I encountered strong gusts of wind. Walking home and arriving a few minutes later, I settled into my desk work. Not an hour had passed when the power went out again. However, this time electricity wasn’t restored.

I moved myself out of my studio and into my living room to sit in front of the fire with my dog Dante at my feet. I instinctively knew it was a wonder-full opportunity to enjoy the silence of a powerless home and read a good book. So, I did just that.

An hour passed.

Then two.

And I reflected on the fact that if I’d gone for my massage as originally planned, I’d be stuck in a dark spa with no electricity, among strangers, away from home in a somewhat uncomfortable situation. I celebrated my willingness to hear my guidance earlier in the day and to act on it. Good for me, I thought.

I started to get hungry.

I went to the kitchen. I opened the fridge door quickly to pluck some cheese and an apple, and made myself a plate with my favourite crackers. I longed for a cuppa tea. But my stove and kettle all require electricity. Too bad, I thought. I really should switch to natural gas in my kitchen. Wouldn’t that be nice? Then I remembered: I am a Divine Creator generating my reality! Why would I sit here feeling like a victim of the weather? What would be better than this? Get to work!

Then I prayed. (In the style of Ernest Holmes, no less!) I commanded power be restored to the Cedarhouse (my home). I danced in a prayerful ritual that if my neighbours had been glancing at my window, surely would have reported me as needing mental health treatment!

“I know that the Spirit within me is Goddess. I am Her. She is me. We are one. I let this Creative Spirit, which is perfect, complete and whole, flow through me, as me, for me. I let the Spirit of Love and Peace permeate my entire being. I desire only that which is good. I see only that which is good. I have faith that my word makes my life. I surrender myself completely to this faith. I know She gives substance to this faith and my faith becomes fact. I know that my faith operates through an immutable Law and there is no possibility whatsoever of its failing. My word is good. My heart is pure. I expect, then, that the Cedarhouse is fully empowered in every way to better serve the community by being an anchor of love, peace & harmony for all beings. Powered up! Here! Now! I rest in calmness and confidence, knowing that Divine Love and Infinite Intelligence has restored power … the furnace is purring, the lights are glowing, the tea is brewing … it is done! It is done! It is done!”

There was a treatment occurring, to be sure. But it wasn’t for my mental health (or maybe it was). When I’d completed my prayer and could FEEL, in my imagination, that power was restored and I was holding a hot cuppa tea in my hands, I proceeded to sit by the fire with my crackers and cheese fully expecting to put the kettle on in a few minutes.

I was fully expecting to put the kettle on!

Then I forgot about it all and lost myself in a good book. I nibbled and read in the luxury of my comfy chair, the peaceful fire and the company of my beloved dog.

As I put the last morsel of apple in my mouth, the Cedarhouse powered up! The ceiling fans whirring, lights glowing, furnace purring amidst the cacophony of my neighbours’ house alarms was a shock to my senses! And I KNEW I’d done it! Power had been restored through me!

I had been doubtless in my choice to change my reality. And I had faith enough to invite and allow my preference to be manifested.

The moral of this story? (not that a story needs a moral but here I go …)

There is no world stage other than the one I am creating from the relationship I have with my Higher Self — whom I call my Wild-Wise Woman. Whatever I see when I look out upon the world, is me looking at me! If I don’t like what I see in the creation around me, I can shift my state of being and move into a different reality. I am always and forever the generator of my own life experience.

Blessed Be!  end