What to Do with Your Lightbulb Moments – Three Tips


Ah-ha moments, Eureka moments, light bulb moments – call them what you will – they are all ways of describing that incredible moment when, out of the blue, something becomes clear, and we feel so delighted that we want to jump in the air with joy. I adore that feeling. I feel so grateful to be feeling it.

I feel loved by the universe when something I’ve been pondering over receives a boost or an answer. I love my light bulb moments. They give me the confidence to push ahead with whatever it is I want to achieve. I spent a lot of my earlier life ignoring my intuition and when I look back and see what I was missing it makes me sad.

The majority of people don’t listen to their intuition, to that gut feeling but they should because this is really where the action happens. Often we pretend that we are too busy to deal with it. We have to get the children to school, finish a project at work, paint the living room, do the weekly shop, or visit an old friend or relative. We believe we know best and just use the left side of our brains to logic our way through life. But what happens when logic fails us and we are left with stress and, in the worst case scenario, physical illness?

Tip One: Getting unworried. Don’t dwell on your problems. Instead, savour what is coming to you through your senses. Find time to be alone. Just 10 minutes a day in your lunch break can be a great start. Ten minutes is better than nothing. You can build up the time as you get accustomed to being alone.

But there’s another kind of thought that comes from another place – from your heart, your soul – the true you. How often have you said things like: “My heart’s not in this.” I wish I could give heart and soul to this, but I’m afraid I can’t.” “I have a gut feeling about this.” I’m going to go with my gut on this.” These expressions didn’t invent themselves.

Our gut is right. There has been highly complex research, which I don’t even begin to understand, which tells us that often our gut is actually ahead of time. These gut feelings come from our subconscious and the majority of people, if they are aware of them at all, choose not to listen because they believe that they themselves have all the answers. The ideas are not always fully formed but you need to grasp the kernel, take a leap of faith and act on what you feel.

Tip Two: Trust that gut feeling and ask for more help. Learning to connect with your higher self brings a feeling of confidence. Meditation is a way of calming you mind and allowing thoughts to filter through from your subconscious. Set an intention when you meditate to get in touch with your higher self and get more light bulb moments. Light bulb moment feel good and we all want more of that feeling.

I started to listen to my intuition about six years ago. At first, things felt a bit shaky and I was reluctant to let go of control. But things turn out well when I listen to my inner feelings and maybe not so well when I try to go it alone. I have come to trust my intuition and go with the flow.

Maybe it’s time for you to take a leap of faith too. That’s when ah-ha moments start to become commonplace.

Tip Three: Do something. The Universe has contacted you via your light bulb moment for a reason. That is the road it wants you to take, the road that is right for you. Doing something in service of this increases your contact with your higher self, the self that knows what is best for you. I can’t repeat it often enough – do something. Be sure that the Universe will respond.

The start your spiritual journey feels strange and chaotic. You feel pulled in all directions. Hang on in there. The road will become clearer. Like any other skill it takes time and practice to become effective. But stick with it – it is so worthwhile.  end