The Election? I Blame Sesame Street


What the F@#K were you thinking America!

I don’t blame the politicians for last week’s November surprise I blame Sesame Street.

It’s that damn tune “One of These Things is Not Like the Other”. An entire generation was raised to celebrate the sameness of shapes and scorn the different.

It’s a recipe for fascism in fun fur and feathers and I, for one, will never have Ernie and Bert to brunch again. Poor Elmo must be less than tickled that an entire generation missed the larger message of love and cooperation only to get that dang song stuck in it’s head.

Ain’t selective memory a furry bitch? Turns out if you tune out some of the voices you’re not hearing the choir. Who knew?

Who’s to blame? I’ll give you the short answer – all of us. We’re all culpable. There’s plenty of guilt so feel free to share. No one will mind. I include myself in this. I, Delores La Rose, followed the click bait like a junkie snorting a fresh line. I salivated with indignation, relished each outrage; the cluck of my tongue playing timpani to the song of celebrity. So much juicy, juicy noise and brought to such a pitch that it was impossible to hear…. Voices. Story.

That’s what it’s about now, petal. Hearing voices. Human voices, puppet voices, voices forced to shout on all sides to be heard. Our social communication has become like the trading floor of a stock exchange. All noise and selective listening fuelled by the adrenaline of fear. You can’t hear the human song for the echo. We have been fooling ourselves.

What to do? I have guilt. I’m a good person well practiced in guilt; should I sink into my guilt, nurse on it like an all day sucker? No. Guilt isn’t a warm bath, besides guilt’s pattern clashes with my favourite shoes.

Let’s have done with guilt and move quickly to anger.

I love anger. I’m a big fan of it. Clears the pipes and stirs the blood. Anger has power. Anger can be focused to useful purpose. Get angry my dears awaken your sleeping self.

To my mind we have been walking through a waking dream for too long. Our planet needs us, our neighbors need us, hell, even our enemies need our anger to fuel their hate. Don’t give it to them. Starve them. Attention is the most valuable commodity in today’s world. Don’t squander yours.

But, Delores, you said get angry. Yes, petal, get angry to find the objective. What is your objective? What needs to change? When you have that, then you can convert that powerful anger to positive action. Anger at people is sooo last season.

What is the next step? I urge you to create silence in your world. Leave space for you to think and feel.

Hold your tongue so your neighbour can speak, no matter the rightness of the opinion. Let her learn by your example.

Above all respect yourself, those you love and those who, in their anger, would silence you.

You have a voice, raise it for the good of all peoples. Be generous. There is strength in generosity. Tap into that strength. It’s waiting to convert that angry buzzing into truly amazing things.

Remember, there is no such thing as the “other” it is a fiction. Know that. Trust that.

It’s not going to be easy. Stay honest.

At times the days ahead are going to feel like new stilettos on cobble stone streets. It’s going to be slow, it’s going to hurt, and it’s going to take time. Maintain your balance.

Take time. Lick your wounds. Hell, lick a few enemies; you could make a new friend.

Things are going to get better because you, you personally, are going to make a choice to make a difference. It doesn’t matter how small the voice or the choice, all change delivered with kindness has the potential of greatness.

To sum up, ignore the dog whistles, channel your anger into a positive objective, respect yourself and those around you. And, petal, just think, after all this anger just imagine how great the make-up sex is going to be. I love it when nations come together!  end