I AM Story


What if I am creating my own life every moment of every day based on the words I speak to myself and to others about who I am and what I am up to?

What if the words I use to describe my experience in the world are also generating the very world I live in?

Who would this make me? Why would I be here?

It would make me a free human being with divine power to create a life I want to live. This is the ultimate story. And I am here to rewrite all story that keeps me misaligned from the supreme script.

Until I realize the truth, I fumble around feeling like a victim. Because my socialization has taught me that others have power over me and I must conform in order to belong in our human family.

I have moments of feeling my own power. I notice I have the power to disappoint others, to upset, to entertain, to endear. I cannot always figure out how I’ve done these things but people show me how successful or unsuccessful I am. When it feels good, it’s really good. When it feels bad, life sucks. So I try to become what everyone wants me to be. In the process, I lose me.

It’s the strangest thing to lose myself. Pushed and pulled by everyone’s needs, I feel lost. Then I expect someone else to find me! If and when I get tired of waiting, I pause to sit in my own life and reflect on what else might be possible.

There are three things every human being needs to know:

  1. life is power
  2. power moves through word
  3. words create things

With or without this knowledge, I set out to prove to myself what empowers me and what disempowers me. Whether I am aware of it or not, this is how I negotiate my world.

How do I learn the truth?

I learn in the laboratory of my own life. And while I am learning, it is useful to understand that in my essence, I am a beautiful blend of love-joy-bliss. So anything that doesn’t align with the essence of who I am is actually a signpost on the path showing me when to self-correct.

Everything I am living is a story and the story is living me. I was born into story because story was here before I arrived. Now that I am here, I get to choose whether or not I like the story I am living and the story that is living me. This is my power. I use it and it uses me through my word — which is always about choosing the thoughts I think and the stuff I say.

There are as many stories as there are people. Because every human being is seeing and being in their own story in their own way. So nobody has the right or the responsibility to interfere with anyone else’s story. And left to their own power, every person would come back to their essence because it’s what all human beings want — to feel good.

Life is simple. More simple than humans allow it to be.

Let’s get back to basics. One, two, three … you be you and I’ll be me!  end