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Who Am I? I Am Love! – Pt. 3


What Do I Do? I Perfect My Loving!

Now that you know you are love and you are here to create your new story, doesn’t it make sense that you will live to give love rather than to get love?

As your Divine Creator, I give you the golden key to your future. Use it to unlock your potential. Open the door and discover for yourself what you have to develop and find ways to play with it. As your perception grows and your inner boundaries soften, you will be better able to hear Me. Because I am talking to you all the time. You only need to be still and listen. You can learn to trust Me on this intimate journey. The new story you want to build is your dream and it will nurture your self-esteem. You’ll find your voice. You’ll have the fuel and the fire to generate all you desire. With your focus here on Me, you’ll draw to yourself all manner of magic because now you have what it takes to love all people, places and things without condition. You will finally understand that love is not a force to be objectified. Love is the root of your being and you are meant to use it to create your new story and live your dream out loud.



When you are aligned with the truth of who you are — a divine creator — the emotional landscape of your experience will change. You’ll notice how grateful you are for sometimes nothing in particular! You’ll feel joyful and be inspired by ordinary things. Peace will emanate from you. You will know your own power and move through your days and nights acting as an empowered human being. Because you are drawing these qualities from Me, there is no limit to the romance we can enjoy!

When you have fallen truly, madly and deeply in love with Me, you’ll radiate a light so loving that people cannot help but love you. You’ll be seeking nothing from them because you are no longer seeking love outside of yourself. Yet they’ll give you so much! Because the love within them is effortlessly being drawn forth through your loving presence and together you’ll become more of who you really are — unbounded, ever-expanding love!

Until you’re truly, madly and deeply in love with Me, you’re not fit to love anyone. So be brave. Be bold. Be selfish. Learn to romance Me. I am your bliss. I am the dance of creation wanting to move through you, as you, for you and for All of Life.

It takes great courage to live truthfully as yourself in a world where everyone is more comfortable when you are being just like them. l will never ask you to be anything that you aren’t already. Go forth and practice. Let me teach you who we are together. Turn toward me. Feel how worthy you are, how good you are, and how powerful you can be. Together, you and I radiate such love that all outer imperfections disappear! The fulfillment of your every desire lives within you. It’s the sweetest, spiritual capacity that you need to draw the best from this, your human experience.

So, be human, AND be divine by learning to perfect your loving! And it all begins and ends with you loving Me, your inner Divine Creator.


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