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Who Am I? I Am Love! – Pt. 2


Why Am I Here? I Have A Dream!

You are a Spiritual Warrior living a human life. To do battle, there are two things you need to know.

First, I can only do for you what I can do through you. This is the reason you must clear the stones from your path. It’s the way you break through your inner boundaries.

Second, love is My essence. So, the fact that you exist at all, proves that love is alive. Now, it is your job to go forth and prove it to yourself by breaking through your inner boundaries and using this love from me to re-create your life.

I will teach you how worthy you are of the love that radiates when you and I are in alignment with one another. Because the only thing you are ever meant to do is to get right with Me.

So in moments of emotional pain, I will be waiting for you to turn toward Me. I will be longing for you to see how you can step out of the stories you no longer want to live in. I will send you signals that you can feel if you withdraw your attention from what you think is causing you pain — some person, place or thing outside of you — and focus on learning what those sensations I am causing you to feel actually mean. Have a conscious relationship with Me and you will have access to all you ever need.

Love is not personal. Yet you have been conditioned to believe that love will prove itself to you through another person, place or thing. It’s an age-old storyline that has outlived its usefulness. You are looking outside of yourself for what already lives within you. And no matter what pain you experience, nothing has ever gone wrong. You are simply walking the Labyrinth in the way you’re designed to do. You and I are in this together. If you allow me, I will show you how every being you encounter will potentially bring you self-knowledge — pieces of the puzzle that together are the clarity of who you are because they are all holding a mirror up of you, for you.


There is a new story that is wanting to be told as your life. You don’t yet know the plot, the character or the action but I am here to teach you and life is our playground. When we are working together, you’ll feel the ease and fun of it and that’s the way it’s really meant to be.

Until you understand the Emotional Labyrinth you travel, you’ll try to manipulate people, places and things to get what it is you think you need. You’ll meet your self-doubt along the way. As well as your capacity for disempowerment, shame and humiliation. You will eventually tire of the hard work needed to inspire someone or something to love and accept you. As you walk the Labyrinth, you’ll have to make a choice: to be held hostage to the storyline that has been headlining your life or to free yourself from the shackles of an outdated belief system about who you are and what’s possible in your life.

Freedom comes when you see your efforts to manipulate are futile and acknowledge your desire to live your own authentic story. No human being will ever show up for you the way I will. I am your divinity. You are designed to create your life-story through me. This is what the journey is all about. When you let go of the expectation that somebody should love you in some way, and you invite Me to radiate the love that is within you, then something miraculous happens. You turn inward to find all that you are seeking is right here within you! Touch it and you open the gate at the end of the Emotional Labyrinth which gives you access to an overflow of love. It will energize and enliven you. It will carry you, guide you and sustain you. You might think the journey is complete at this point but in truth, this is just the beginning. You have a dream inside of you that wants to live out loud!

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