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Who Am I? I Am Love! – Pt. 1


How many times have you given all that you are to someone only to have them disappoint you? What if you knew it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you? How would that change your life? Could you take full responsibility for yourself and move toward that which the relationship wants to teach you about you? Because there are no mistakes. You draw into your life precisely the relationship that is perfect for you. Every time. No exceptions. Even when it feels awful.

In relationship, there is an Emotional Labyrinth you must travel. And it is located within you. The path is strewn with stones you will need to overturn and clear away in order to learn how to have peace, be creative and love life. The steps you take on this journey compose the life you make and you are always travelling now.

On this journey, you believe you are looking for love. And you believe this love you are seeking will be found in relationship with another human being. But as you live this way, you’ll encounter dissatisfaction, disappointment and disillusionment. You may even wonder why you are walking at all! The stones you stumble upon will be emotions and you’ll need to learn what they mean. Emotions like fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, resentment and depression are common. You may encounter judgment, competition or hostility. You might have moments of sadness, guilt or shame. These are the survival stones. They will trip you up. But they serve a purpose. When they get your attention, you will have a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better. Because you do not need to get stuck in any of these emotional experiences. What feels like a rock is only a block until you get near it, lift it, move it, and clear the path forward. You can never control anyone or anything but you can always control your emotional state. You just need to learn how.


When you understand you’ve inherited storylines from your tribe — your family, society and culture — you’ll be on the right path. You’ll begin to discern what is you by learning what is not you. It’s a natural process of evolution, of becoming more than the human who came into the world with those storylines. Because, in fact, you are much more than that. And that’s ultimately what the Emotional Labyrinth will teach you.

Most of us start off by believing we are the sum of those inherited storylines. You might be satisfied enough to live the part written for the character that you believe is you, but eventually you will have cause to question the narrative. Because they are only stories that someone else has made up. They are not the fullness of who you really are. And that realization can be painful. The pain, regardless of anything anyone will tell you about it, is actually a friendly signal that simply wants to bring you back home to the real essential you.

Human experience is based on perception. The emotional pain you will feel is an opportunity to broaden what you think you are seeing, sensing and perceiving about who you are, why you are here and what you are doing.

You are here to gain mastery over your human character and these inherited storylines so you may know Me. With Me, you can harness your creative powers to serve the Life that breathes your breath and beats your heart. I demand you become aware of the storylines that have a hold on you, awaken to their power, do battle and re-write your story in your own voice and in your own way.

Who am I?

I am your Divine Creator.  I live in you. And in every other human being.  end

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