How to Embrace Change Joyfully

Dorrie Jacobson

“I would say that cultivating an “engaged attitude” is probably key to embracing change joyfully. I think change can be scary, especially for seniors who tend to get stuck in their ways if they don’t keep an open mind to new experiences. So it’s important for older people to stay “tuned in” to what’s happening in the world, especially when it comes to things like technology. It’s never too late to learn how to use a computer, or be part of social media. I think learning new things is the key to staying empowered and independent in our later years. It also keeps us connected to others when mobility becomes an issue. I just launched a blog at the age of 80 and spent the last year learning all about social media and how it works. We’re never too old to learn or master new skills, it just requires the desire to be part of something new and exciting”.

The Question

We asked twelve experts the following question:”When embracing change joyfully, what do you think is the key to success?”. This was their response.

12 Experts

“The trick of success in relation to change is to be as non-judgemental as possible. Accept change as it is constant and inevitable”.

Josephine Lalwan


“I can answer that with one word – surrender”

Steve Pavlina
Sven Raphael Schneider

“Focusing on the positive outcomes is key”.

“Doing what you love”.

Sylvia van de Logt
Jason Webster

“Follow your intuition and go where the energy is”.


Susan Russo

Get Your Mind to Start Helping Your Heart

In order to embrace change you have to get our mind to start helping your heart. Below are 5 things to do to help you shift your mindset. If you practice these everyday, you’ll be one day closer to living the life you deserve.

  1. Start each day saying, “Thank-you!” Be thankful for all of the blessing you have in your life. Even if it’s as small as your morning coffee or tea. Start somewhere. The more you focus on what’s good, the more good things you’ll find. Make a list. Start with 5 things and add to it each day.
  2. Each time you start to feel bad refocus your mind. Shift your focus away from thinking about what makes you feel bad. And, instead think about what you are grateful for. This is all about reprogramming your mind.
  3. Master directing your thoughts. It’s the most valuable gift you will ever give to yourself!
  4. Suspend your disbelief and begin to believe in living the life you’ve always wanted. Start to believe with every fiber in your body that good things are here to stay.
  5. Imagine what you want your life to look like and visualize yourself living it as if it has already happened.

“I think that there is a switch in us that we can switch to the “on” position (or that is sometimes miraculously switched on of its own accord) so that we finally really “buy in” to the change we say we’d like to make. Flipping on that switch has about it both a feeling of surrender and a feeling of empowerment. Yes, this is only a metaphor; and yet it seems to me that one can almost literally do this switching and finally decide to be a calmer person, or more joyous or really diet, or tackle writing that novel, or whatever the change or improvement might be. Give that a try; find the inner switch and flip it to the “on” position!”

Eric Maisel
Magdalen Bowyer

Well, the answer is hidden in the question! Joy is not simply an emotion. It is a dynamic state of being. So when you are willing to get into joy consciousness, and THEN embrace change, only good can come. But most of us have it turned upside-down. We believe that the change will come and make us joyful. Life simply doesn’t operate this way.

You are designed to learn how to maintain a joyful state of being so Life Herself can bring to you all that She has already given. In joy, you are open to receive.

In joy, you are available to receive. In joy, the immutable Law of Change can move through you without restriction and demonstrate your wildest dreams in action. Change is happening with or without you. When you choose a joyful state of being then the Highest Good for All can occur. And that is the ultimate success!

My own experience teaches me each day “HAVE FUN AND IT WILL WORK”

I have learned that as long as you enjoy what you do you can continue forever and will get where you want to get.

Take things seriously but mix them with a huge amount of fun – laugh and enjoy each day. If you don’t the stress and responsibilities will kill you sooner or later.

Mix work with pleasure. Find 45 minutes a day for you – for a run, a swim, or just a walk where there are no phone calls and nobody can reach you. In these daily breaks you get the best ideas for business and family life. Much better than reflecting for hours in front of a computer.

Superwoman or man does not exist. We are normal men and women, people who can deal with a few things at the same time – business life, family life and friends. Work things out together. Don’t be alone.

Take each day as it comes and with a great sense of humour. You can prepare as much as you want but you can’t predict everything. Take it as it comes and you will live happier.

Sabina Veit
Catherine Summers

“I think the key to success where embracing change is concerned is being open to everything and anything that may happen, whether it is what you planned or not. More often than not things don’t happen the way you thought they would, but unless you are willing to keep an open mind and run with them, they may never happen at all. The opportunities that you couldn’t possibly have imagined opening up to you are often the best – the most exciting –ones. Life wouldn’t be as much fun without a few surprises along the way, and jumping out of your comfort now and then…!”

“If one is to successfully bring about any change you have to be totally committed to achieving the desired result, regardless of any impediments that may stand in your way. By this I don’t mean for one to be ruthless in bringing about the desired change, but to have a mental attitude that you can overcome any obstacle and accomplish anything that you focus on in life. A healthy sense of humor – as well as compassion for others – is also a key ingredient”.

Jim Ferri