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My Second Year of Adventure Begins

Tonight I’m leaving America and heading to the one-bedroom unit I’ve rented on an island in Croatia for this spring. It’s the commencement of my second year into the adventure of living life half-time between two countries. Solo.

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Are You In the Right Tribe?

Your tribe doesn’t necessarily consist of the people you’ve known longest. What it really comes down to is that it’s the people with similar values and interests, the people you feel you can be yourself with. These are the things that make it the right tribe for you. You feel comfortable in their company, sharing conversations and embracing similar ideas or interests. We needn’t be limited to one tribe. Our friendship tribe and our hobbies tribe aren’t always made up of the same individuals. It’s the ingredients that are the same.

Bifocal Sunglasses and Your Skin

If you're over age forty, you've probably noticed a change in your eyesight. It's common at this age to begin to experience difficulty seeing up close. Reading on the computer may be more of a strain than it once was. Fine print anywhere becomes a challenge. When reading books, you may find yourself holding them closer, then farther, trying to find just the right distance to make the text legible.